Circular Farming

Bonbio makes sure food waste
comes to use - for real.

How It Works

Circular farming is when waste food is turned into nutrients that in turn are used to grow new crops. Keep an eye out for Bonbio’s nutrient-rich products at a store near you, and keep track of our development here on the website.

Production in Progress

Bonbio Greens - Sustainable Crops

Bonbio Greens are our leafy greens that are farmed in a vertical hydroponic system using our own organic plant nutrients from food waste and other organic waste. Our crops grow without any pesticides, depletion of earths fertile soil, unnecessary transportation placing a strain on the planet or consumption of vast quantities of water.

Produced locally. No soil. No pesticides. Up to 90% less water consumption. 100% renewable energy.

Bonbio Nutrients - Circular Plant Nutrients

The heart of Bonbio’s circular farming are the organic plant nutrients, which are derived from recycled food waste and then refined by Bonbio - the result of several years of research and development. Bonbio Nutrients can be used for both large-scale, industrial, agriculture as well as in your private garden for growing plants and greens. Absolutely no fossil fuels are used in the manufacture of Bonbio Nutrients, only renewable energy and recycled nutrients.

Innovation in Progress - Eco-Friendly and Nutrient-Rich

Bonbio is all about innovation and research into the circular economy and bioeconomy. We aim to identify solutions relating to food, farming and enterprise that benefit both companies and our planet. We are currently carrying out research within several different areas, superfoods - foods offering outstanding nutrient density, sustainable proteins and algae being a few.



Bonbio keeps growing

At Bonbio it’s not just the greens that keep growing, we are happy to announce so is our team! We are now expanding with a Product Developer for our exclusive Bonbio Nutrients.

IKEA harvests its first circular lettuce

Today, Wednesday 27 March 2019, IKEA Sweden is harvesting and serving its own home-grown lettuce for the first time. Working with Bonbio as its circular farming partner, IKEA is trialling the growth of lettuce in containers outside its department stores in Malmö and Helsingborg. The farming takes place in a circular cycle, with the nutrients being extracted from food waste.

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