Bonbio keeps growing

Bonbio's team on site in Helsingborg.

Bonbio's team on site in Helsingborg.

At Bonbio it’s not just the greens that keep growing, we are happy to announce so is our team! We are now expanding with a Product Developer for our exclusive Bonbio Nutrients.

We’re offering an opportunity for the right candidate to be involved from start to finish in the making of a new product and together with the rest of the team continue working to find new ways to reach sustainable solutions for circular food farming.

Read more about the role and apply here.

In this recruitment process we are working together with tng.

In our organization we value new ideas and the engagement from co-workers has a true impact on the business and our products and services. We work with practical problem solving as well as analytical and strategic tasks on a day-to-day basis.

Eric Sandelin is Bonbio’s nutrient expert and he is responsible for optimizing and producing nutrients for our greens:

 “Working at Bonbio means that I get to use my background as a horticulturist and knowledge in biology to investigate microbiological and chemical processes. In my job, idea and reality are never far apart and I feel that I can make a difference, both for the company but also for the planet and the challenges we as a population face”. 

Circular crops are grown in high-tech containers.
Circular crops are grown in high-tech containers.

Today our team consists of horticulturists, engineers, experts and business developers and we all have one thing in common, we see the future in a positive light and believe that science in combination with innovation will make the planet, businesses and people better and happier in the long run.

The farmers working at Bonbio are trained horticulturist which means they are responsible for our crops and making sure their growing environment and nutrients are optimized to secure maximum growth and a sustainable production. The horticulturist can also be described as a plant biologist and the focus areas are crops and the large scale growing of plants.

We are now looking to find a Product Developer to work together with the farmers and nutrient experts but also pursue a close collaboration with the company management to ensure a smooth and sustainable production process.

If you feel this is the right role for you, don’t hesitate to get in touch!

We look forward to receiving your application.
/The Bonbio team

Find out more about the role here.