Bonbio’s First Basil Sown

The basil keeps growing as well.

Bonbio’s first basil is being grown using plant nutrients extracted from waste food and other organic waste.

We are just starting to sow our first herbs, and first up is basil.

This basil is a wonderfully flavoursome basil used in salads, the Genovese variety – a true classic that goes beautifully with any salad or can be used as a base for your pesto sauce.

This herb will be grown using the circular system in our cultivation container in Helsingborg. The cultivation system we will be using is vertical (in order to utilise the space and make room for a large crop over a small area) and hydroponic (growing the plants directly in water with Bonbio’s organic plant nutrients).

Water, light and carbon dioxide levels are being controlled effectively by our horticulturalists in order to give us the best possible harvest and the best possible flavour.

We are looking forward to our first harvest in a couple of weeks’ time!