Grand Hôtel Mölle

High-Quality Crops

Summer 2018 heralded the start of Bonbio’s partnership with the Grand Hôtel in Mölle. Herbs and lettuces were grown as ordered by the chefs in order to meet summer demand at the restaurant.

These leafy greens were grown using our unique circular farming concept, where we make the most of waste food from the region and refine it to produce organic plant nutrients. We then used these plant nutrients together with conventional nutrients to grow herbs and lettuces for the Grand Hôtel in Mölle.

All plants were cultivated in a vertical hydroponics system in Bonbio cultivation containers near Helsingborg. Bonbio horticulturalists optimised water, light and carbon dioxide levels in order to produce the best possible harvest and flavour.

We worked together with the chefs to taste our leafy greens and try cooking with them on a number of occasions to ensure that we produce high-quality crops in terms of flavour, aroma and appearance. These leafy greens cultivated in a circular system have received lots of praise from the Grand Hôtel’s chefs and visitors.

Potted leafy greens have also been on sale at Höganäs Saluhall and Mölle Brandstation.

Bonbio’s first lettuce harvest is presented here by project manager Emelie and horticulturalist Olle.

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