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IKEA to Grow Its Own Lettuce

Bonbio to introduce circular farming of lettuce adjacent to IKEA department stores. Most of IKEA Sweden’s waste food is already sent to various biogas plants, including the biogas plant in Helsingborg run by our sister company Biond.

At this biogas plant, Bonbio turns waste food into plant nutrients that are then used to grow lettuce in specially constructed cultivation containers directly adjacent to IKEA department stores.

The project will begin by growing lettuce outside the department stores in Malmö and Helsingborg for a year. Our cultivation containers will be installed outside the department stores in early 2019, and cultivation of lettuce will commence immediately afterwards.

The crops will be grown vertically and hydroponically using renewable electricity. The growing of the lettuce is then monitored and optimised constantly with the assistance of our horticulturalists. It will be time for the first harvest after just five weeks.

The lettuce will be served in the staff canteens at the department stores initially, but it is hoped that it will also be possible to serve the lettuce at customer restaurants as well over the coming year.

Circular Farming - in Figures


Up to 18 kg of lettuce is produced in a cultivation container every day, depending on the variety.


Up to 5 tons of lettuce is produced in a cultivation container each year.


Up to 90% lower water consumption compared with conventional growing.

We are looking forward to an exciting journey shared with IKEA department stores, cultivating various crops in a circular system and economising on resources in the best way possible. Controlling the light, temperature, water and nutrient supply available to plants allows us to operate independently of the seasons, so we can guarantee extensive production of fresh, locally grown crops all year round

Fredrik Olrog, CEO of Bonbio

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