Bonbio wishes you a Merry Christmas!

Best wishes for the holiday season!

Despite the chilly wet weather outside, our crops are growing better than ever. We have the same production capacity all year round, rain or shine, day and night, no matter the season. We think this is fantastic!

Our hydroponic crops are isolated and optimized for our plants to thrive even during the winter. Regularly and systematically, our horticulturists keep a watchful eye on the plants’ needs for light intensity, carbon dioxide, water requirements, nutritional requirements, pH, temperature, humidity etc. The technology in our systems enables us to control and optimize remotely, which saves many hours of manual analysis and work.

Even at home you can optimize the growth of your plants through a few simple tricks. Our plant nutrition expert, Eric Sandelin, wants to remind everyone to also give your plants some extra love and care this Christmas. Remember not to drown your plants or overdose on nutrients and preferably place plants somewhere cool with light exposure.

The Bonbio team wish you all a Merry Christmas!

See you in 2o2o!