Press release: Bonbio in partnership with Helsingborgs Stad & H22

Bonbio has entered into a partnership with Helsingborgs stad around circular urban farming. H22 – A Smarter City is a long term investment in innovation and sustainable urban development by the city of Helsingborg. Bonbio has happily accepted to be a partner in this project, and will act as circular farming experts. By providing the city with circular locally produced crops, both carbon footprint and food waste can be reduced.

– In a very near future food production must take place closer to the consumer, where also the food waste is generated, to avoid unnecessary transportation and wasted resources. We need to produce crops more sustainably and drive change towards a more circular economy. Our vision in this project leading up to 2022 is to supply a larger part of the city functions with leafy greens and herbs with a  carbon footprint as small as possible, says Fredrik Olrog, managing director, Bonbio.”

Sara Sigurdson, Horticulturist
Sara Sigurdson, Bonbio’s Horticulturist, getting ready to harvest

Bonbio has developed a unique proprietary circular farming concept where they make the most of food waste, refining it into organic plant nutrients – Bonbio Nutrients. The nutrients are then used to grow crops of various kinds – Bonbio Greens – in farming containers that can be positioned directly adjacent to customers’ operations and near end consumers. This closes the circular farming cycle.

H22 – A Smarter City

The Bonbio solution is ideal for anyone who wants to reduce the environmental impact of their own food wastage and make the most of organic waste while also implementing sustainable production of their own ingredients.

The crops are grown vertically (in order to utilize the space and make room for a large crop over a small area) and hydroponically (growing the plants directly in water with Bonbio’s organic plant nutrients) which allows for about 90% less water to be used than in any traditional cultivation.

Read more about Bonbio here.

– I am very excited to be able to present such a long list of leading businesses and organisations as partners of Helsingborgs stad and the city expo H22. We will together investigate further solutions on how to build sustainable and smart cities in the future, says Peter Danielsson (M) chairman of the municipal board in Helsingborg.

H22 - A Smarter City
H22 – A Smarter City

Bonbio also work together with IKEA in growing crops hydroponically in high tech containers. Today, both IKEA stores in Helsingborg and Malmö are supplied with Bonbio Greens; grown, harvested and served in the store canteens. Completely fresh and locally produced.

Bonbio contact information
Fredrik Olrog, managing director, Bonbio, mobile 073-656 65 75 or email

About H22

H22 is a long term investment in innovation and sustainable urban development by the city of Helsingborg, Sweden, in collaboration with leading businesses, academia, organizations & NGO’s.

In the years leading up to 2022, Helsingborg provides a unique opportunity to initiate and test new ideas and collaborations making a smarter city. In 2022 the city expo will put the best work on display, creating a vibrant international platform to explore and discuss new solutions that push development forward. When the city expo is over, the work continues – using and further processing the learnings and results from the expo.

Read more about H22 here