Bonbio Greens

Crops Grown in a Circular System

Bonbio Greens are lettuce, herbs and other leafy greens grown by our horticulturists using our own proprietary organic plant nutrients made from waste food and other organic waste. We are constantly optimizing our plant nutrient and learning how to grow better crops.

Greens should be tasty! Bonbio Greens are grown to stringent requirements with regard to climate and nutrient content in order to optimize the crops. Also, it helps that we do not need to use any pesticides. Crops are grown locally and near to urban areas using high-tech farming containers. As the crops are grown hyperlocal we minimize transportation, and do not need to wash the products or pre-treat them with any chemicals, or any other special treatment, that is otherwise necessary when crops are transported long distances.

In the long term, Bonbio Greens will be available at supermarkets near you, or you will be able to order them online on our website. In the meantime, we will be helping supermarkets, restaurants and catering establishments to reduce the environmental impact of their food processing by growing crops using a circular system and plant nutrients made from their own food waste.

Hydroponic Farming

Hydroponic farming involves growing plants in water instead of soil. In today’s society, where fertile soil is in short supply, hydroponic farming is considered to be a very efficient way of growing plants.

Vertical Farming

Vertical farming involves growing plants in several levels, maximizing the cultivatable area. This is a more efficient way of growing crops as less space is required. We also grow crops closer to cities and our consumers, thereby reducing  transportation.

Vertical Hydroponic Farming

Bonbio grow crops in multiple layers and in water – vertical hydroponic farming. This gives us unique opportunities to create benefits along the line with above. Find out more about the advantages of vertical hydroponic farming below.

Vertical Hydroponic Farming

Summer All Year Round

With vertical hydroponic farming, we decide what time of the day it is and what season it is as the energy is provided by LED lights, not the sun. This allows us to produce many more plants than is possible with conventional farming.

Up to 90% Less Water Consumption

Water is in short supply. As we grow our crops in containers, which are closed systems, the water is recycled. Further more, no water evaporates through ventilation hatches, as with traditional greenhouses.

No Pesticides

Sustainable farming results in tastier produce. We do not use any pesticides or herbicides (chemicals) when growing our crops, so the plants grow as nature intended them to. Flavorsome and fresh. Bonbio makes stringent demands of the nutrient levels in all its crops.

Leaving the Soil in Peace

The fertile soil on our planet is in short supply. Bonbio uses vertical hydroponic farming, a technique producing both flavorsome and nutrient-rich crops without having to grow them in fertile soil. The plants take root in a nutrient solution that circulates between the plants. This optimizes nutrient levels and we do not impact on the fertile soil.

Produced Locally

Bonbio grow crops vertically and hydroponically, which gives us advantages in that we can grow crops locally and near to urban areas. Vertical farming involves cultivating crops upwards instead of along the ground. This maximizes the surface area and allows considerably more crops to be produced than with traditional farming. The combination of space-saving and hydroponic farming - where the plants stand in nutrient enriched water instead of soil - allows our vegetables to be produced closer to the end consumer. Shorter distances mean none, or shorter, transportation, resulting in fresher produce. And reduced CO2 emissions.

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