Bonbio Nutrients

Bonbio Nutrients are our organic plant nutrients produced by recycling food waste and other organic waste. This is at the very heart of circular farming and provides the foundation for revolutionizing conventional growing.

The Difference in Plant Nutrients

The difference between organic and mineral-based plant nutrients is that organic nutrients help to improve the soil, while mineral-based nutrients are absorbed directly by plants and skip caring for the soil. Using mineral-based plant nutrients runs the risk of depleting the soil of nutrients.

Hydroponic Farming

Our organic plant nutrients have been optimized for hydroponic farming. This system can be used on a small scale by hobbyists growing plants at home, or on a large scale by professional growers using vertical systems. And of course, our plant nutrients can be used for conventional growing as well - tomatoes or pot plants, for instance.

Keep an Eye out for Bonbio Nutrients

In the long term, Bonbio Nutrients will be available from retailers or garden centres near you, or you will be able to order them online on our website. In the meantime, we will be helping supermarkets, restaurants or catering establishments to reduce the environmental impact of their food processing by growing crops using a circular system and plant nutrients made
from their own waste food.

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