From waste to win!

Bonbio has developed a proprietary concept for circular farming that will help companies and consumers to reduce the environmental impact of food processing and wastage. We facilitate a circular economy for our customers and produce products that both you and our planet will love.

Circular Farming

Our circular farming system involves recycling waste food from restaurants, supermarkets, catering establishments and households and accepting it at one of our biogas plants.

The first step is receiving of organic waste and treating it in a biogas facility (an industrial plant that uses anaerobic digestion to break down the food waste) that produces biogas used as a vehicle fuel, i.e. for use in urban traffic. When producing biogas, Bonbio takes advantage of the nutrient-rich by-product generated by the process and turns it into organic liquid plant nutrients - Bonbio Nutrients. These plant nutrients then provide the foundation for growing new crops - Bonbio Greens. This completes the circular farming cycle.

The new crops are grown all year round in a high-tech cultivation system located wherever the customer prefers.

Circular crops are grown in high-tech containers.

Bonbio’s Circular Farming

  • Food waste and other organic waste are turned into organic plant nutrients used to grow new crops
  • These crops are grown vertically and hydroponically in cultivation containers for more efficient use of valuable resources and space
  • Cultivation is monitored and optimized by our horticulturalists and trained growers
  • Growing crops close to where our customers operate (e.g. supermarkets or restaurants) means that produce does not have to be transported long distances
  • Up to 90% lower water consumption compared with conventional growing
  • No pesticides
  • Customers can become self-sufficient all year round when it comes to lettuce, herbs and leafy greens
  • Renewable energy is used for cultivation

From Recycling to Cultivation

The Bonbio solution is ideal for anyone who wants to reduce the environmental impact of their own food waste and make the most of their organic waste while also implementing sustainable production of their own ingredients.

This solution is particularly well suited to supermarkets, restaurants and catering establishments that wish to use or sell locally produced crops grown using their own food waste and other organic waste.

The concept includes all our collective expertise in the field of circular economy and cultivation.  We offer practical assistance and optimization of cultivation by providing a dedicated horticulturist and all the equipment needed to grow circular greens.

Depending on the size of the system, it takes about 6 months from our first meeting until the first plant is grown.

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