Two New Containers to Arrive in Helsingborg

Bonbio is growing almost as quickly as our leafy greens! We are waiting to welcome two new containers to our Helsingborg site.

Bonbio has developed a unique proprietary circular farming concept where we make the most of food wastage and waste food, refining it into organic plant nutrients – Bonbio Nutrients.

We then use these plant nutrients to cultivate crops of various kinds, Bonbio Greens, in cultivation containers that can be positioned directly adjacent to customers’ operations and near to end consumers. This closes the circular farming cycle.

It is clear to us that there is a great deal of interest in circular farming among companies and consumers wanting crops that grow without consuming vast quantities of water, use pesticides, depleting our fertile soil or having to be transported all around the globe in order to fill our stomachs.

Two new cultivation containers have been ordered for our Helsingborg site in order to meet the enormous demand. Circular farming can begin!