What Are Bonbio Nutrients?

Bonbio Nutrients are our organic plant nutrients produced by recycling waste food and other organic waste. This is at the very heart of circular farming and provides the foundation for revolutionising conventional growing.

Food and other organic waste from supermarkets, restaurants, catering establishments and households are recycled and received at biogas plants run by Bonbio’s sister company Biond. In the first instance, biogas is produced that is then used as a fuel for use in urban traffic and the transport sector. When producing biogas, Bonbio takes advantage of the nutrient-rich residual product generated by the process and turns it into organic liquid plant nutrients – Bonbio Nutrients. These plant nutrients then provide a foundation for growing new crops – Bonbio Greens. This closes the circular farming cycle.

Bonbio Nutrients can be used at home, in your garden or with pots, as well as large-scale production of plants and greens.