What Are the Advantages of Using Bonbio’s Circular Farming Rather Than Conventional Farming?

Our circular farming allows us to economise on resources in an optimised

  • Bonbio and Bonbio’s sister company Biond use waste food and other organic waste, turning them into biogas and plant nutrients
  • The biogas is used in the transport sector for urban buses, for example
  • The plant nutrients are then used to grow new crops
  • Bonbio cultivates its crops vertically and hydroponically in cultivation containers for more efficient use of important resources such as space and water
  • Water consumption is 90% lower than with conventional cultivation
  • No soil or pesticides are needed
  • This is a high-tech form of cultivation, controlled by horticulturalists that optimise quality and production
  • Cultivation containers allow crops to be grown close to areas where customers operate (e.g. supermarkets and restaurants) and close to end consumers, which reduces the need for long-distance transport
  • Customers can become entirely self-sufficient all year round when it comes to lettuce, herbs and leafy greens
  • The crops are fresh, untreated and grown locally
  • Renewable energy is used for cultivation