What Does Bonbio Offer, and to Whom?

Bonbio offers a circular farming concept for crops and plants where we reduce the environmental impact of food processing by dealing with and processing waste food and other organic waste and then refining it to produce plant nutrients. These organic plant nutrients are then used to grow new crops – Bonbio Greens. This closes the circular farming cycle.

The Bonbio solution is ideal for anyone who wants to reduce the environmental impact of their own food wastage and make the most of their organic waste while also implementing sustainable production of their own ingredients. This solution is particularly well suited to supermarkets, restaurants and catering establishments that wish to use or sell locally produced crops grown using their own food waste and other organic waste.

At the heart of our circular farming system are the organic plant nutrients – Bonbio Nutrients – created by Bonbio from food waste and other organic waste. These plant nutrients are a result of several years of research and development and are produced at one of the biggest biogas plants in Sweden, which is run by Bonbio’s sister company Biond. Bonbio Nutrients can be used for both domestic cultivation and large-scale production of plants and greens.