What Is a Farming Container?

This is a technical solution that makes it easier to grow crops and plants while making efficient use of space, usually in an urban environment (known as circular urban farming). The cultivation container is a high-tech cultivation environment in a forty-foot container (about 13 m long) that produces local crops all year round.

The crops are grown vertically (in order to utilise the space and make room for a large crop over a small area) and hydroponically (growing the plants directly in water with Bonbio’s organic plant nutrients).

Water, light and carbon dioxide levels are being controlled effectively by Bonbio horticulturalists in order to give us the best possible harvest and the best possible flavour. Our cultivation container can be placed more or less anywhere, it does not take up much space and it can be moved as well. All you need is somewhere to put it, plus a supply of power and water.