What Is Hydroponic Farming?

Hydroponic farming involves growing plants with water and plant nutrients instead of soil. Our horticulturalists make sure that the plants and their roots receive all the oxygen and plant nutrients that they need. This also allows us to avoid various plant diseases that otherwise spread in the soil and require energy-intensive and-or chemical-based treatments.

Hydroponic farming means that no soil is needed or that the soil in parts can be replaced with something else, such as hemp seeds from fibre production or residual products from the forest industry. As a result, land that would otherwise have been used for intensive cultivation of lettuces and herbs, for example, can be used to recreate high levels of biodiversity with perennial plants and living soil in nature. In today’s society, where fertile soil is in short supply, hydroponic farming is considered to be the future for sustainable cultivation and an efficient way of growing plants.